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download "ENGINEERING shx" (Unknown area)17-Sep
//departments/Engineering/2014 Spunky Creek Floodplain/DFIRM_DB/ARCSHAPE/S_XS.shx
//departments/Engineering/2014 Spunky Creek Floodplain/DFIRM_DB/ARCSHAPE/S_NODES.shx
//departments/Engineering/2014 Spunky Creek Floodplain/DFIRM_DB/ARCSHAPE/S_BFE.shx
...epartments/Engineering/2014 Spunky Creek Floodplain/DFIRM_DB/ARCSHAPE/S_LABEL_PT.shx
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download "ENGINEERING shx" (United States)17-Sep
//Public_Works/Engineering/Radio Road North/cadd files/ltype.shx
//Public_Works/Engineering/Radio Road North/cadd files/genesis_ltype.shx
//Public_Works/Engineering/Radio Road North/cadd files/FDOT_ltype.shx
...orks/Engineering/South Lake Trail Phase IIIA bidding/AutoCad/Roadway/DWG/font007.shx
...Works/Engineering/South Lake Trail Phase IIIA bidding/AutoCad/Roadway/DWG/font77.shx
...Works/Engineering/South Lake Trail Phase IIIA bidding/AutoCad/Roadway/DWG/font49.shx
...Works/Engineering/South Lake Trail Phase IIIA bidding/AutoCad/Roadway/DWG/font48.shx
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download "shx" (Norway)17-Sep
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